Meet the Team

Botshelo Wa Rakate

Founding Director

Botshelo Wa Rakate is an accomplished communications executive. His range of expertise includes (the) planning and implementation of communication strategies; team development (a particular focus on Purposeful Teams); media campaign management and leadership (communication); approaches which proactively address a broad array of organizational governance challenges, innovatively and with foresight.

He has handled a number of high-profile media campaigns, crisis communication management solutions and public outreach programmes as a media liaison officer for MECs in the Gauteng provincial government and later as head of communications and a spokesperson for the national Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA).

He also worked in the private sector as a regional marketing manager for Carl Zeiss Optronics, business development manager for Syntell and media manager for the International Marketing Council of South Africa, among others.

Botshelo completed a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree at the University of North West, Honors degree in Political Science at the University of South Africa and a Masters of Philosophy (Political Management) degree at the University of Stellenbosch.

“My passion, how I define my life, my driving purpose or belief, my cause in life is to inspire people to get things that inspire them done. Regardless of what I do and say in my life, my story line never changes, what I do and say, is simply the tangible way I find to breathe life to my cause.”

He is currently the founding Director at Trueline Leadership Consulting, a management consulting and training company based in Johannesburg. Management consulting is just one way to bring his cause to life – inspire people to get the things that inspire them done”

Key Focus Areas

Strategic communications and media
Corporate governance and leadership
Personal and organizational accountability
Strategic leadership conversations


  1. He is a Member of the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa (IoDSA)
  2. He has completed a course in Facilitation Skills and is certified to facilitate the Deloitte/DDI Learning Systems Courses
  3. Worldview Consulting Facilitator Accreditation accredits him as a Purposeful Teams Facilitator
  4. He is accredited as a Member of the Enablis Entrepreneurial Network, South African Chapter since 2007

Onicca Mekwa


Onicca Mekwa is a consultant specializing in learning and development. Her unique perspective on human resources development has proven invaluable in assisting clients plan the introduction of new training needs into their training or human resources development departments and career planning division.

Since 1997, Onicca has worked as a human resources specialist in various private and public organisations which includes the Netherlands based organisation Royal VanZanten, Hong Kong based organisation, Universal Enalmelware, South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), South African National Parks and Agriseta.

Having owned her training company accredited by Wholesale and Retail SETA, Onicca has acquired extensive practical skills and expertise in learning and development, curricula development, learning material alignment according to Unit standard requirements, and accreditation of the training institutions in South Africa. Onicca is a registered assessor and moderator registration and learner record management, project management and SETA reporting specialist.

Some of the key positions she held include, senior manager human resources management at the AgriSETA and as manager for curricula development in line with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations and registered qualifications development facilitator, skills development quality management system at the same organization.

Onicca has a diploma in secondary teaching, Diploma in human resources management, degree in human resources development, and an honours degree in human resources development. She is a registered assessor, moderator, and qualification development facilitator with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations QCTO.

Onicca is a very focused individual with good understanding of her specialty area. She is always responsive and helpful. Her honesty, ethics, effectiveness and personable manner make her a person worthy of extraordinary trust to forward the objectives of your business objective.

Having been in the “training and learning industry” since 2006, she is very excited to be part of a company that is set to change the way clients think of “corporate governance learning and training” in South Africa. She played an active role in the Agriseta QCTO in the past and is now passionate about enhancing and developing the Trueline brand in South Africa.


Nigel Kendall

Director, ACG

Nigel is a Chartered Accountant and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). He has a wide-ranging career history, including as a sales executive with IBM, Group Chief Accountant for a publicly-listed company (UK), finance director of a venture capital organisation, and 14 years with PA Consulting Group, finishing as a director of the Strategy Practice.

As a consultant, including more than 20 years as an independent, he regularly works with boards on corporate governance, good boardroom practice and strategy. His experience covers a wide range of organisations from the very large to small-medium sized companies, including BP Chemicals, Agip Coal, United Assurance, Wolf Olins and Co-operative Retail Services.

He has published various books on financial management and corporate governance, gaining the endorsement of Sir Adrian Cadbury, the father of modern corporate governance, for his work in this area.

Nigel and Arthur (see below) were first invited to speak in South Africa almost 20 years ago and have a great affinity for and understanding of the country. For more information please visit

Arthur Kendall

Director, ACG

Arthur has lived in France and Spain (where he currently resides). He has a broad international outlook, speaking 6 languages, and a passion for cross-cultural co-operation and development, both personal and organisational. This led him to set up Tangley International Ltd, of which Applied Corporate Governance is a trading name, which has been involved in training and development for over 20 years. He has recently launched new services in personal development and coaching, about which he writes on his personal website,

He played a major role in setting up a local newspaper, subsequently contributing regular features as deputy editor, and co-authored (with Nigel) Real-World Corporate Governance, a programme for profit-enhancing stewardship (FT Pitman, 1998). Around the same time, he worked with Nigel on consultancy projects, including corporate strategy studies, business appraisals and market research. The latter, most notably, included setting up and running a large scale Stakeholder Analysis programme conducted for a £1.5bn ($2.3bn) UK retailer.

Arthur also created an internet consultancy through which he has worked with customers and providers from around the world, which has fed his interest in the different cultures and models of governance in existence today. He has a passion for teaching, in a sometimes unconventional way which ensures students are well-equipped to implement their new knowledge themselves, as his motto states – “helping you help yourself”.

“Successful people do not just drift to the top, it takes FOCUSED actions, personal discipline and lots of energy everyday to make things happen...”
Jack Canfield