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It is an open secret that lack of a culture of good public sector governance and accountability is a major contributor to poor service delivery in South Africa.

At TLC, we believe that good public sector governance is accountable. In other words accountability is a fundamental requirement of good governance. Our service offerings enable overisght bodies and leaders in the public sector to proactively and effectively execrcise their oversight function over public financial management without fear or favour and get-things-done on an ongoing basis.

TLC has an abiding passion and interest to contribute to the public sector by empowering public representatives in legislatures and municipal councils with skills to effectively conduct their oversight and accountability functions effectively, including government departments, municipalities and parastatals.

Some of the service we offer to the public sector:

  • Good governance in the public sector
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Effective collaborative legislative oversight in parliament
  • Proactive oversight in public sector financial management
  • Political leadership accountability
  • Public administrative accountability
  • Oversight, political leadership and the media
  • Public sector governance tools and methods
  • Leadership development conversation programs
  • Public speaking and personal branding
  • Reputation and stakeholder management.

Benefits of TLC Approach

The practice of good governance and culture of accountability can ensure that compliance is aligned with the company’s business objectives and risk management strategies. In this way compliance and accountability can add real value and not just be a cost to the organization. Good governance is accountable.

Public Sector Accountability

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Accountability can be broadly defined as an obligation to give an explanation to someone (superior) of how delegated authority/power or responsibility was used or carried out and why. In the public sector this is particularly important since taxpayers’ money is being spent so the public has the right to transparent information and assurances that their money is being used for the common good, free from corruption and mis-management.

As we explain in our popular public sector training, the key types of accountability are

  • Political accountability
  • Administrative accountability
  • Public financial accountability
  • Performance accountability

Each of these has its own set of requirements and challenges but these need not be onerous – in fact to be effective they should aid the smooth operation of the public body, not hinder it (what they are designed to hinder is behaviour which favours individuals over the collective). 

Accountability requires oversight – the scrutiny and evaluation of those entrusted with certain responsibilities or powers – to check that they are discharging their responsibilities according to set policies and rules and are delivering expected outputs and outcomes

“Oversight: the scrutiny and evaluation of those entrusted with certain responsibilities or powers”

Public Sector

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