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TLC has an unshakable interest in leadership development. In the 21st century leaders have to confront the added challenges to connect more with customers, clients, colleagues due to new media technology. Hence, at Trueline, we believe that leadership has been in recent times about conversation.

Our experience at TLC is that corporate governance and leadership conversations are the yin and the yang of successful organizations. When you have good leadership without good governance you risk tyranny, fraud and personal fiefdoms. When you have good corporate governance without good leadership you risk atrophy, bureaucracy and indifference.

TLC’s leadership development conversation workshop provides the best practice leadership development solutions, accredited by the Services Seta, to develop leaders who can deliver bigger and better results for the future success of the country.

Topics that the Leadership Development conversation workshop covers are:
  • Leadership Today
    • Understanding the role of leadership in the context of the 21st century
    • Applying intra-and interpersonal leadership skill in order to perform your role effectively
    • Effectively managing diversity in the workplace
  • Personal Mastery
    • Assessment of personal preferences in the workplace
    • Emotional intelligence and resilience
    • Impact of social styles
  • Leading Performance Conflict management
    • Difficult performance conversations
    • Building high performance teams
  • Mentorship and Coaching
    • The manager as a mentor
    • The dynamics of mentorship Populating the leadership pipeline

A New Approach to Corporate Governance at Parastatals

In association with

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Despite a long history of corporate governance in South Africa, including four King Reports, South Africa’s State-Owned Enterprises are still regularly in the news for allegations of corruption and poor management.

It is not that the contents of such reports, nor the codes of practice they recommend are wrong. It is the approach and attitude towards the whole subject of corporate governance that is to blame. 

This is why we have partnered with ACG (Applied Corporate Governance™) to introduce a different way of understanding and implementing good governance in South Africa, with a particular focus on helping State Owned Enterprises recover their reputation – not through superficial PR exercises, but through deep cultural change. Change which is, contrary to the instinctive feelings of many, actually easy and natural to embrace as it addresses the needs and concerns of the people working hard in these organisations.

The public ownership structure means, as we state on our What we do page, that SOEs are in a unique position to help South Africa recover from the ills of recent years through their mandate to put developmental goals before short-term profit. The TLC-ACG partnership combines our deep knowledge and experience of parastatal organizations with ACG’s unique methodology to change attitudes towards corporate governance.

Our mission is to move organisations’ views and implementation of governance from a separate exercise guided by a compliance-based approach, to one which sees it as a useful set of tools designed to help ensure sustainability and growth and – crucially – integrate into each organisation in a unique way. By avoiding a “one size fits all” approach, we allow each organisation to implement the measures appropriate for each while ensuring that these measures have, as a natural outcome, “automatic” compliance with any sensible codes of practice (the compliance function then becomes a small, formal operation which works with existing communication channels to account to stakeholders for performance).

This is achieved mainly through training at all levels of the organisation to allow internal decision-making on how to implement corporate governance and thus achieve full buy-in and support. 


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