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TLC offers a range of training and consultancy services focussed around three core areas:

Corporate Governance

Changing perceptions to embrace corporate governance as a tool for sustainable growth and innovation...


Promoting and assisting ethical leadership through unique and outstanding training programmes...


Turning passion into sustainable business capable of leaving a legacy to society...

Corporate Governance and Entrepreneurship

In association with

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Africa needs to develop her own unique applied corporate governance framework for business and a pipeline for development of entrepreneurial skills and sound, ethical management of state enterprises. Applied corporate governance and business sustainability makes any business, big and small, resilient so they are better able to adapt to change. Sustainable businesses are prepared for the future because they:

  • Create sustainable jobs and wealth,
  • Create long-term financial value,
  • Understand how their actions affect the natural environment and try to reduce their impacts, and
  • See their ties to other key stakeholders in the economy and contribute to positive social change

Trueline Leadership Consulting and Applied Corporate Governance have partnered to develop comprehensive and unique good corporate governance and entrepreneurial skills development model for business in South Africa.

State Owned Enterprises

Training customised to the unique characteristics of parastatals

State-Owned Enterprises put developmental goals before short-term profit. We help you ensure these goals are fulfilled sustainably through good corporate governance. With a strong ethical base and systems which ensure this approach filters through the whole organisation, SOEs are in a unique position to help South Africa recover from the ills of recent years.

TLC has in-depth knowledge of parastatals and the South African climate and culture, which we combine with ACG’s international expertise and experience to bring specialised training to all levels of your organisation.

ACG’s unique approach takes corporate governance away from a box-ticking, compliance-based “distraction”, to a vital and valued tool for long-term success. 


Sustainable growth through leadership
and good corporate governance

Small businesses are the lifeblood of any strong economy. Yet so many fail or struggle to grow beyond sole trader or micro enterprise. While size doesn’t always matter, the choice to do so depends on learning new skills and implementing systems which can help the owners and managers keep control of the business.

Through real life examples which show how relevant and necessary corporate governance in small business really is – and how it is not a burden but a help – students are guided through the necessary steps to grow their businesses and/or sustain them through good and bad times.

With over 100 years combined experience, the TLC-ACG team empower leadership and the whole company to  build a business with lasting value which benefits society.


Turning energy and passion into
businesses that last

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed who dare to take their ideas and turn them into reality, not only unafraid of failure but recognising that life often teaches us through failure.

Since persistence alone is not enough, we teach the essential skills to ensure that a sound base is created upon which to build a business that has the potential to leave a legacy – perhaps not like Steve Jobs’ Apple, but enough to leave a mark on the community.

In short, we help you turn ideas into legacy through constant innovation and sound management.

Young People

Inspiring young people to change
their lives and the world

Young people in Africa are frequently overlooked and find it hard to find work and make a living. Part of the problem is that our culture has promoted a dependency on the state to provide instead of rewarding initiative and giving incentives for taking on that responsibility ourselves.

We are passionate about helping young people – our future – acquire the skills necessary to make it in life, with the confidence that they need only rely on themselves. Through our partnership of experienced trainers and coaches, we teach life skills and help young people find their path.

Our collaboration with Tsheppo 500,000 is a sign of this commitment.

Current and previous clients

A snapshot of the organisations we have served and continue to endeavour to serve with distinction include:

  • The Association of Public Accounts Committees of SA (APAC)
  • Ramotshere Local Municipality (NW)
  • Alfred Nzo District Municipality (Eastern Cape)
  • Bojanala District Municipality (NW)
  • Sekhukhune District Municipality (Limpopo)
  • OR Tambo District Municipality (Eastern Cape)
  • Mopani District Municipality (Limpopo)
  • Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality (NW)
  • Lesotho Public Accounts Committees (SADC)
  • and Seychelles Public Accounts Committees (SADC)
  • Rand West Local Municipality
  • Gauteng Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs

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