If you are the owner of a small to medium business, you are probably also a director and possibly the manager in the same business. In the face of the different demands each of these roles bring, it is important that you do not loose sight of the big picture by only focusing a disproportionate amount of time on operations (‘in the business’), rather than on the strategic growth (‘on the business’). This is where governance can introduce discipline, providing a roadmap for the future sustainable growth of a small business.

And that is why at TLC we support and help small to medium businesses to grow bigger in a sustainable way by providing management consulting and support services on, among others:

  • Good corporate governance for small businesses
  • Drafting of all business agreements such as Memorandum of Incorporation, Shareholder agreements, business to business contracts and Directors’ Resolutions
  • Company registration and other statutory compliance requirements e.g. Tax Clearance, CIDB, UIF etc.
  • Amendment of Directorship
  • Training on Duties of a Director
  • Setting up of an Advisory Board for your company
  • Leadership development conversation programs
  • Marketing, sales and promotions
  • Drafting of company policies and regulations
  • Reputation and stakeholder management
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Supply chain management
  • General business management support and advisory services.

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Social Enterprise

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At its heart, all enterprise is “social” as it always relates to people and aims to improve their lives. Unfortunately capitalism has, throughout its history, often been misused to improve only the lives of the owners – at the cost, not benefit to society.

Social Enterprise as a concept has therefore emerged as a way of undertaking social missions which, to a greater or lesser extent, is more important than any financial return. What is key in any social enterprise, whether closer to the charity who wishes to adopt a more business-like approach or a private company who wishes to guarantee a minimum reinvestment in the social mission, is to achieve the necessary surplus to ensure the sustainability of the enterprise and so its ability to continue its mission.

It is a delicate balance which cannot be either totally altruistic, allowing directors to pay themselves nothing and so have to maintain jobs and salaries from other companies, or too focussed on the financial return to deliver the social mission. The key is good governance systems which provide transparency and accountability to all stakeholders. These systems, combined with the innate passion and commitment to improving lives and the environment, have the ability to make social enterprise the driver for all enterprise, as a force for good in the world.

TLC and its partners, especially ACG, are committed to this way of working and to supporting those who, like us, wish to use enterprise to make the world a better place.

Corporate Governance

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