Conscious Leadership Development

What is leadership today?

Forget what you know about the world of work. We are all adjusting to a workplace that is forever changed by the global pandemic. The future of work is already here, and Trueline Leadership Programmes will help your managers and leaders confront today’s urgent leadership and business challenges in any industry in South Africa and globally, from leading a newly remote or hybrid team to retaining employees in the midst of the Great Resignation to ensuring equity and inclusion for all employees.

Organisations today have picked up on employees’ desire for continuous learning and improvement, and so we will see unique learning and improvement programmes set in place as they create an environment where up-skilling is encouraged and also allow companies to reap the rewards of developing highly skilled teams and leaders of today in a fluid work place environment. They understand that they live in a world where change is continuous and not episodic.

Trueline Leadership Focus Areas:

  • TLC Executive Leadership Programs

A leader needs to be able to inspire others. Yes, we need to hit the mind with our message, but we also

need to stir the heart and its passions. The leader who is only rational will have passive followers who are not inspired to go anywhere. The leader who is only emotional will have excited followers who do not know where to go! It takes both.

TLC will help you to develop your ability to inspire your followers and make them excited to be with you and the organisation. To help them see the big picture that shows they are making a difference.

Some of our executive leadership programs include Action Learning Programme, 360 Leadership program, Neuro-leadership program etc

  • Leadership communications

Great leaders are those who can take the vision they have and communicate it in ways that their followers can easily understand, internalise and own. Many leaders have great vision but fail to lead their organisations anywhere. Vision that is only kept in your mind is not vision, but a dream. Vision communicated clearly, memorably and passionately, so that people can grasp it and follow, is what will take your group, whether large or small, to the next level and beyond.

  • Leadership Mentorship and Coaching

Ethical Leadership

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A healthy, open culture is essential to ensure the sustainability and smooth operation of the organization. Enabling and maintaining this healthy culture requires strong, ethical leadership characterized by good example:

Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.
Albert Schweitzer

The board and executives cannot expect workers to behave ethically if they perceive flaws in the ethics of their leaders. Furthermore, leadership should be about attracting people supportive of your mission, not a dictatorial imposition of will. To avoid scandals and cover-ups, with the resulting blame game between executives and workers, leadership has to espouse – and expound – the ethical values expected of the whole organisation by its leadership, by its stakeholders and by society at large.

Our Leadership Conversations are a great new way of becoming clear about and setting out your organisation’s values, and discussing how to communicate these values throughout the organization. And now our partnership with ACG (Applied Corporate Governance™) provides the systems and simple methodology to manage and monitor this process.

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